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"Spooky" - Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge - 2020

"The story in which you believe shapes the society that you create."

Yuval Noah Harari



Welcome to the exciting world where technology and nature come together! Here, we'll explore amazing discoveries, innovative solutions, and thought-provoking ideas that have always sparked my curiosity. I'm especially fascinated by how technology helps us better understand the incredible variety of life on Earth, from the tiniest DNA particles to the complex web of Earth's natural systems. I've had the honor of managing two outdoor Field Stations at the University of California, where we combined studies of nature, the environment, engineering, and conservation. We did this through teaching and research activities within the Natural Reserve System. Thanks to the hard work of our teachers and students, we've gained a priceless understanding of California's unique ecosystems and the many plants and animals that call them home. In our mission to explore and protect the natural world, we've used cutting-edge tools like high-tech cameras, wireless networks, environmental sensors, and even robots to study things that were once out of reach. So come along with me on this fascinating adventure, where the wonders of nature meet the incredible power of technology!


November 30, 2022

Clackamas Community College, Environmental Learning Center - The Virtual Field: Explore the ELC in virtual reality from the sky and through the four seasons.


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Exploring the sky through time-lapse 360 degree video


July 1, 2022

Digitize or Die