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Pondering a Life of Digitizing Nature

"Spooky" - Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge - 2020

"The story in which you believe shapes the society that you create."

Yuval Noah Harari

Owl Farm Time Machine

October 2023

The Owl Farm Time Machine: This is a fun, collaborative project to create a tool to study a landscape and its long-term changes at a unique "Idea Farm" located in NorthWest Washington....


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Current Weather Conditions in Oregon City, Oregon

Drone School at Reed College

September 2023

I taught remote sensing of forest canopies using camera drones to a group of undergraduate students at Reed College...

The Urban Forest Digital Twin

August 2023

The Urban Forest Digital Twin: Technologies to build virtual forests for urban forestry, STEM education, and public outreach.

R.I.P. The MossCam: 2002-2008

July 2023

This is the story of the "world famous" MossCam, an early experiment in the use of an Internet-viewable webcam, weather station, and time-lapse studie...